Strategy Business Process Improvement

Nothing can be more beneficial for your company development than a comprehensive business strategy tailored to your needs and goals. We will guide you through the process of creating an effective business strategy and take care of such details as:

  • Developing systems to define your further actions
  • Devising roadmaps for PR, marketing, finances and other aspects of your business
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses through SWOT analysis
  • Suggesting possible ways of efficiency increase

Employee, Staff, and HR Development

Never forget that the most valuable resource of each company is its employees. Your team is who drives you further and helps you achieve your business goals. AMG provides high-quality HR consulting services that include:

  • Hiring the right personnel for your company
  • Headhunting top managers
  • Devising an effective HR strategy
  • Advising on how to develop your team in the future

Risk Management

When you are starting a business, entering a new market, or going through the next level of development, it is crucial to take care of the risks that you might face. Risk management is of the utmost importance for all businesses that are looking for ways to avoid any possible frictions or minimize their impact. Our risk management services include:

  • Analyzing information from your key players, decision-makers, and partners
  • Identifying possible risks your business might create or face
  • Suggesting ways to avoid the risks or reduce their negative impact on your business

Financial Management

Finance is what many young businesses neglect to pay enough attention to. Proper financial management is key to building a financially stable company. At A. Martin Group, we will help you manage existing funds, prepare for future expenditures, and achieve your financial goals. Our financial management services cover:

  • Organizing your General Ledger (GL) to properly function for both Accounts Receivable (AR) and Account Payable (AP)
  • Calculating your profit and loss, and devising your P&L statement
  • Dealing with reconciliation
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Defining your financial strategy
  • Helping with accounting and bookkeeping

Company Culture and Brand Positioning

Starting a business is only the first step. Transforming your company into a brand is what makes a difference. We will help you create a transparent company culture and position your brand on the market so that your clients recognize your business and choose you among the competition. Here is how we will assist you:

  • Defining your corporate culture to motivate your employees and attract new talents
  • Organizing team-building activities to create a close-knit community within your company
  • Identifying your vision, mission, and goals
  • Creating your corporate design

Customer Service

Customers are at the core of every company, be it B2B or B2C. Making sure that your customers are fully satisfied with your products is what boosts your sales and creates a loyal clientele. Nothing can destroy your company’s reputation quicker than ignoring customer service reviews and critiques.  A Martin Group will help you avoid these mistakes and build a trustworthy brand that values its customers.

Advertising and Marketing Planning & Research

In the 21st century, no business can afford not to use marketing and advertising. The “word of mouth” isn’t scalable…and it’s unpredictable.  It’s time to discover new ways of promoting your business, especially using the Internet and social media. Don’t know where to start? No worries – AMG’s got your covered. We will do thorough research and identify the next marketing steps you should take to let everyone know about your brand.

Contract management

Managing contracts is an overlooked aspect of management. Companies are constantly interacting with new partners, employees, and suppliers, and sometimes it all ends with a signed contract. Ensuring that your cooperation meets both your and another party’s needs, wishes and goals are critical when drawing and managing contracts. Let us take care of your contract management so that you do not need to worry about your future partnerships.

Crisis Communications/Management

If you find yourself in a crisis, no need to give up – AMG experts have your back. Be it a temporary interruption, or a severe event threatening the whole company, and it is time to take efficient measures. We will analyze the current situation, both inside your business and on the market, take care of the communication with stakeholders, and suggest possible solutions with minimal or no losses.

Operations Management

If you got everything that a successful business needs – professional employees, resources, advertisement, stunning office space, but the bucks are not flowing in, then you should consider integrating an operations management system into your company. Operations management encompasses all of the processes that are connected to converting materials and labor into goods or services – this ‘in-between’ part that your clients do not see. AMG experts will be happy to help you establish a well-maintained operations management system that will serve you for ages.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say...

“Aisha continues to amaze me in every project that we work on. Right from our initial consultation, her team was able to identify and address critical aspects of our operations and sales. We remain on track to exceed our targets by 60% this year.”

“I spend 70-hour workweeks, and I rarely have time to sit at the dining table with my family. Work has taken a toll on me until I finally discovered Aisha and her team. Their passion for results has moved my business to a new level.”

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We help small business owners by taking them by the hand, and showing them how to build, brand, and expand without breaking the bank!

Save Time
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