A. Martin Group

Your Small Business Consultant!

Every business starts small, we’ve all been there. Building a high-end management system, creating a close-knit team of professionals, following a thoughtful business strategy, and promoting your products or services – it’ necessary when developing your business and scaling for success!

The great news is, that’s our specialty!

With more than 10 years of experience in Public Relations & Business Consulting, we’ve seen and resolved the pitfalls involved in running and growing a business.

At AMG, our team of experienced experts are gifted in many areas. We all have individual genius, yet we are all united by the same idea – helping our clients build their businesses and get closer to the life of their dreams.

How We Define Your Success


Create a culture of trust, develop a loyal following.


Consistency in decision-making even under immense pressure.


Measure up to the industry’s toughest challenges.


Foster connections in the right way, at the right time.

Our Vision

We are committed to starting with excellence…

Our vision is to be a trusted partner with socially conscious small business owners looking to make a difference in the world, now and in the future. We pride ourselves on understanding the language of legacy builders, the business owners that understand the value of hard work and want to pass on the efforts of that hard work to their children and children’s children.

Our Mission

We are driven by our values and that of our clients…your success matters to us!

The A Martin Group’s mission is to equip small businesses with the tools and resources to make big moves, without breaking the bank. We offer a host of services that give our partnering companies feel like we are a member of the team, we’re all in the business together! We create systems and workflows that help our clients feel connected and in alignment, both internally and externally

The great news is, that’s our specialty!

At A. Martin Group (AMG), we drive value propositions so small businesses can better address their problems and capture opportunities that come their way.


Our System for Delivering Success

A. Martin Group ensures service delivery to the highest standards.

REVIEW & AUDIT - Assess all internal processes with team members
ANALYSIS - Evaluate results from Review & Audit
STRATEGIC PLANNING - Develop a strategy for correcting deficiencies and implementing controls
DELEGATION - Assign task management and project oversight
EXECUTION & MEASUREMENT - Execute the process improvement plan and measure results


“Aisha continues to amaze me in every project that we work on. Right from our initial consultation, her team was able to identify and address critical aspects of our operations and sales. We remain on track to exceed our targets by 60% this year.”